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Varela's House


Varela's House is a real estate project designed by the architecture office CoArs Arquitectura Sustentable. Located in the south of Chile, specifically in the city of Villarrica.

Based on the technical details of the planimetry and the Sketchup model provided by the architecture office, the work of maps and textures generation, lighting and production of renders was carried out. Along with this, the 3D model of the building was positioned in its digital environment, simulating the vegetation and atmosphere according to the geographical location.

The process ended by subjecting the base of renders obtained to a post-production and matte painting process, in order to accentuate the visual character of each image.

Year: 2023
Client: CoArs Arquitectura Sustentable

CGI | Image Production: Ztampy 3D

Casa Varela (3).jpg
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